48 MAXI bamboo rolls

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- The Corona crisis still has a major impact on the availability of sustainable raw materials and international transport. This means that for the time being we cannot produce and ship our products according to the strict sustainability standards that we impose on ourselves. That is why we have decided to temporarily stop our activities until when we can work 100% sustainable and socially responsible again. We will inform you immediately when we restart our activities. Thank you in advance for your understanding and see you soon! -

  • 48 rolls - double length
  • 350 sheets / 35 meters each! *
  • 2 times more paper for a better price
    (0,0274€/m or 0,00274€/sheet)
  • Premium 3-ply quality
  • Dotted embossing
  • Made with 100% forest friendly FSC® bamboo
  • Strong, cool and seriously soft to the touch
  • No inks, dyes or scents
  • Odor resistant, antifungal, antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • Plastic-free packaging

Shipping cost
  • Belgium: 4.2€
  • The Netherlands: 4.9€
  • Luxembourg: 4.9€
  • Germany: 4.9€
  • France: 9.5€

Correct price comparison

Our MAXI rolls have twice as much toilet paper than standard 3-layer A-brand rolls. This not only makes them more environmentally friendly to ship but on average also a lot cheaper per meter of paper!

* How long does 1 box last? 
1 box contains 48 double length MAXI toilet rolls! Thats a lot of paper!

2 people ± 5 months
3 people ± 12 weeks
4 people ± 10 weeks
5 people ± 8 weeks
6 people ± 6 weeks