Corporate social responsibility with a positive social and ecological footprint

We manage every aspect of our production and distribution chain

We not only monitor our environmental impact but also the social and economic impact of our activities. Because profit is not our main priority, we succeed in offering fair and environmentally friendly products with equivalent quality and retail price.

We evaluate our decisions based on our ecological footprint

Many companies are making changes nowadays to improve their environmental impact. Despite this positive evolution, the effect of these efforts is often insignificant. That's why at The Crappy Planet, we put the environment first and evaluate each choice based on our ecological footprint.

We set high standards to abide by and invest in innovative techniques

We are a small company with big ambitions. Our planet and climate are facing major challenges. That's why we set strict environmental standards, invest in innovative products and production techniques and inform our customers about the benefits of a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.


Forest Stewardship Council®

Our FSC® Chain of Custody certificate guarantees that the bamboo we use in our products comes exclusively from bamboo forests that are managed under strict social, ecological and economic criteria.


Preserving and strengthening the ecosystem.


Respect for the rights of local people and employees.


Healthy business operations with added value for the local economy.


We use 25% of our profits to plant new trees in sustainable reforestation projects

Many studies show that trees are vital to our planet. That is why we do not process trees in our products and why we use 25% of our profit to plant new trees. This way, we help to reduce deforestation and remove excess carbon from our atmosphere significantly.