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About our products

  • Is your bamboo toilet paper more expensive than traditional toilet paper?
      Not at all! Nothing is more complicated than comparing toilet paper prices. Toilet paper manufacturers often deliberately provide confusing specifications on their packaging, which makes comparing extra difficult. The characteristics of our toilet paper have been carefully determined to keep the price and quality in line with the most important traditional toilet paper brands in the Benelux.

      For ecological and practical reasons, our toilet rolls contain up to 3 times more paper than traditional brands. As a result, they also last longer than the average toilet roll.

      You can compare the price of our toilet rolls with other brands in the following way:
      Divide the price per roll by the number of meters of paper on the roll. You can quickly calculate the number of meters of paper on the roll by multiplying the length of the sheet by the number of sheets.

      Price per meter for The Crappy Planet paper box* : 0.02734 €

      * Premium bamboo toilet paper box (48 rolls)
  • Why can I only order a box on your website?
      Every part of The Crappy Planet was set up with great attention to our environment and the climate. And so does our distribution. By only offering larger packages online, we can deliver orders in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

      (Soon we will also offer the possibility to purchase our bamboo toilet rolls per roll or in smaller quantities through local stores or supermarkets in Belgium and the Netherlands. We will keep you informed through our website, social media channels or our digital newsletter.)

      Tip: Are 48 roles just too much for you? Have your order delivered at the office and divide your roles among your colleagues.
  • Why are your rolls packed individually?
      All our toilet rolls are individually wrapped in recycled paper. In this way the rolls stay dry and hygienic and we think they look a lot nicer straight away.

      In addition, our paper wraps are also a better alternative to plastic packaging that is still massively used by other brands.
  • Where are your products produced?
      Our products are produced in China. This is a well-considered choice that takes into account several factors:

      Quality and packaging options: Production in China allows us to use individual recycled paper wraps and cardboard instead of plastic variants. In Europe it is harder to find the right producers for this.

      Materials: In China we have access to large quantities of raw materials such as paper scraps and natural bamboo. This is not possible in Europe.

      Production: European toilet paper manufacturers are rare, focus exclusively on wood pulp and produce and sell their own brands.

      Access to natural bamboo: Only in China do we have sufficient access to responsible bamboo without any adverse effects on native plant and animal life.
  • How do you monitor working conditions and wages in China?
      Our producer and suppliers undergo annual inspections of internationally recognized inspection bodies such as Bureau Veritas. The activities of Bureau Veritas focus primarily on quality, safety, health, environment and corporate social responsibility. We work closely with our producers to ensure a transparent working relationship that matches our standards in terms of working conditions and pay.
  • Why large rolls with 350 sheets?
      The properties of our products have been carefully determined in function of price, quality and, above all, impact on the environment.

      By working with longer rolls, we can produce in a more environmentally friendly way, ship more efficiently and we can work with fewer and plastic-free packaging. In addition, it allows us to offer a high quality product at a very competitive price.
  • Where can we buy your products?
      At this moment, our roles can only be ordered online and we only ship to Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

      We are currently working hard to be able to offer our products through local stores and retailers. Be sure to keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep you informed!
  • Are your products FSC approved?
      Ecology and sustainability are the pillars of our brand and our company. That is why our partners impose high demands and we commit ourselves to continuously optimize processes.

      We have thoroughly examined the advantages and disadvantages of various eco-labels, including FSC. Although such labels are certainly a valuable part in the protection of forests and sustainable production, they are less relevant to us and offer little added value, since we do not use wood in our products.

      In addition, we prefer to invest the high annual cost associated with these eco-labels directly in sustainable reforestation projects through our partner NGOs.

      Anyway our suppliers of raw materials have various eco certificates including FSC.
  • Why bamboo instead of recycled paper?
      Bamboo offers many advantages, also compared to recycled paper. You can find more information about this on our page "Why bamboo".

About our mission

  • How big is your impact on the environment and how do you limit your own ecological footprint?

      Every day we make great efforts to reduce our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. We not only look at our own CO2 emissions, but also our production processes. On top of that, we avoid any form of plastic in our products and packaging.

      The system that we use to produce our bamboo toilet paper requires that water and other materials are collected, reused and recycled. That is why the production not only uses less energy but also just about one fifth of the water needed to convert wood pulp into the same amount of toilet paper.

      Planting trees
      Active CO2 compensation: After extensive research, producing in China also proved to be the most logical choice for us. Although this offers numerous benefits as discussed under the question "Where are your products produced?" Transport from China inevitably increases our own CO2 emissions.

      We have thoroughly mapped out the total impact of each step in our distribution. In our most pessimistic calculations, our production and the local and international transport of 1 box of bamboo toilet paper causes an average of 2.4 kg CO2 emissions per box or 0.05 kg CO2 emissions per toilet roll.

      The carbon sequestration of a tree depends on the species and the local climate. On average, each tree converts up to 150 kg CO2 during a growth period of 20 years. Based on these figures, 1 tree that is planted in a sustainable reforestation project can completely neutralize the average CO2 emissions of 3000 toilet rolls.

      1 planted tree compensates CO2 emissions for around 3000 bamboo toilet rolls

      At The Crappy Planet, we commit ourselves to invest 25% of our profiit back in scientifically based projects for the benefit of the climate and thereby guarantee at least to fully compensate for our own CO2 emissions. Mind you, our ambitions are tens of times higher...

      In addition to our own climate efforts, wherever possible, we work together with partners who also make significant efforts to neutralize the impact of their activities on the environment.

      Saving trees
      Passive CO2 compensation: With every toilet roll we sell, we ensure that a lot of trees are not harvested for the consumption of toilet paper. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of how many trees we are saving with this. But based on the results of various calculations, it seems realistic to assume that you can produce approximately 3,600 comparable toilet rolls (156 g) with an average tree (spruce or pine tree of 12 m high and a diameter of 45 cm).

      3,600 bamboo toilet rolls or 75 boxes (48 rolls) = 1 rescued tree

  • Which NGOs do you support?

      Our main partner is Weforest. As an expert organization, they use our donations to plant trees in well-thought out locations around the world. This is done with a great eye for qualitative, local employment and greater biodiversity.

      Where possible, we also support other projects that are committed to the climate.

  • We are an NGO looking for extra resources. What can we come to you for?

      Donations (limited to NGOs committed to the climate)
      Every year we donate 25% of our profits to NGOs that are directly committed to the climate. Not a partner yet? Send an email to with a short description of your project.

      Support (available to all NGOs after approval)
      In addition to donations, we support NGOs that are looking for extra income through their sales channels or volunteer network. 100% of the profit goes to the NGO.

About your order

  • Where and how fast do you deliver?

      We currently only deliver in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. When we receive your order before 2 pm we deliver within 2 days. Grouping orders allows us to schedule and ship deliveries more efficiently.

  • How can I manage my account?

      When you log in you can manage your data, track your orders and you get an overview of your previous orders. You can access your account by registering at the top of the page. Forgot your password? No problem. Leave your email and we will email your details so that you can reset your password.

  • Which payment methods are accepted?

      In addition to credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, payments can be made online via: Bancontact, Apple Pay, iDeal, Belfius, KBC / CBC Payment button and ING Home'Pay.

  • How can we reach you?

      At the moment we can only offer customer support via email. Feel free to send an mail to and we will answer your question as soon as possible!

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