Free from plastic

Toilet paper must be packaged hygienically and moisture-free. Most manufacturers still rely on plastic for this. It's fast and cheap but also harms the environment. That is reason enough for us to remove plastic from our packaging altogether.


Individually wrapped rolls

First of all, wrapping our rolls individually in recycled paper keeps them hygienic and moisture-free. Besides this, our rolls can also be sold separately in local shops and supermarkets.


Ideal dimensions

Our rolls are twice as long, but not twice as thick? That's because we pull our paper much tighter compared to traditional brands. This way we can transport our rolls more efficiently, and they also fit perfectly in standard toilet roll holders.


We keep our distribution chain as short as possible. We have mapped out the environmental impact of this and neutralise it by, for instance, planting new trees in sustainable reforestation projects.


For the production of our paper, we only use bamboo that has no negative impact on the living environment of local plants and animals. For this reason, we prefer natural bamboo from Asia and not the cheaper bamboo from plantations closer by.


We produce our toilet paper in the same region where we grow bamboo. This has many advantages, including less transportation of resources and access to advanced and environmentally friendly production techniques.


We transport our finished products via inland waterways to the nearest port or train station from which they are then shipped to Europe. For this, we only work with partners who make the necessary efforts themselves to reduce their ecological footprint.


After arrival at the port of Antwerp or Rotterdam, our products are stored centrally. From there it is shipped to your front door.