Tree friendly bamboo toilet paper - 48 double rolls!

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The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) forced us to temporarily stop our production. This, together with the unexpected high demand for toilet paper causes major shortages in our stocks. We do everything we can to restart our production. It is not yet clear when this will be possible.

We will keep you informed through our newsletter and social media channels. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself, your family and your neighbors.


  • 48 rolls - double length
  • 350 sheets / 35 meters each! *
  • 2 times more paper for a better price
    (0,0274€/m or 0,00274€/sheet)
  • Premium 3-ply quality
  • Dotted embossing
  • Made with 100% forest friendly bamboo
  • Strong, cool and seriously soft to the touch
  • No inks, dyes or scents
  • Odor resistant, antifungal, antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • Free delivery in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg!

Correct price comparison

Our premium rolls contain 2 to 3 times more toilet paper than traditional rolls of an A-brand of the same quality and are on average 15.6% cheaper per meter! In addition, larger rolls allow us to send the paper more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.

* How long does 1 box last? 
1 box contains 48 double length premium toilet rolls! Thats a lot of paper!

2 people ± 5 months
3 people ± 12 Weeks
4 people ± 10 weeks
5 people ± 8 weeks
6 people ± 6 weeks

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We invest 25% of our profits to fight worldwide deforestation and climate change.

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